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During a total lunar eclipse, white sunlight hitting the atmosphere on the sides of the Earth gets absorbed and then radiated out scattered. Blue-colored light is most affected.

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That is, the atmosphere filters out scatters away most of the blue-colored light. What's left over is the orange- and red-colored light. This red-colored light passes through our atmosphere without getting absorbed and scattered, before the atmosphere bends it refracts it back out, projecting indirect, reddish light onto the Moon. The reddish light projected on the Moon is much dimmer than the full white sunlight the Moon typically reflects back to us. That's because the light is indirect and because the red-colored wavelengths are only a part of what makes up the white light from the sun that the Moon usually receives.

How gold, orange, or red the Moon appears during a total lunar eclipse depends on how much dust, water, and other particles are in Earth's atmosphere, as well as factors such as temperature and humidity. If you were standing on the Moon during a total lunar eclipse, you would see a ring of orange or red light around the Earth where the atmosphere extends into space around our home planet.

In essence, you would be watching all of the sunrises and sunsets on Earth at the same time! The dark Earth in front of you would be the parts of the Earth where it is night. On the other side of the Earth, where the sunlight reaches the planet face on, it would be daytime with blue skies because of the way our atmosphere scatters different wavelengths of light.

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The rosy ring around Earth would essentially be places on Earth glanced by sunlight and transitioning from day to night dusk on one side, and night to day dawn on the other, as the Earth rotates on its axis. The reason why the Moon turns red during a total lunar eclipse is related to why we have such beautiful pink, orange, and red sunrises and sunsets to enjoy. When we see a sunrise or sunset from our perspective on Earth, sunlight is coming in at a low angle.

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It has to travel through a lot of atmosphere, scattering more and more blue-colored light as it goes Simply go outside and look up, contact your local planetarium, or look for a star party near you. As a coincidence, on the same night that Mars is closest to Earth, you can see a total lunar eclipse.

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With Earth's shadow falling on the full Moon, it will have a reddish color. Did you miss the total Lunar Eclipse on April 15, ? Not to worry, here's the future schedule!

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During a total lunar eclipse, the Sun, Earth, and Earth's moon line up in space. The Moon turns golden, copper, or even "blood red"! Why does the Moon turn red - sort of like Mars? Showing Rating details. More filters.

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Sort order. Jun 26, Curt Blair rated it it was amazing. I suppose I am biased to a degree being related to Russ by a couple of marriages and several generations.

Bent Red Moon

That said, this is a great read and one that propels me to make this author my reading list of choice during summer vacation. Dec 23, Charles rated it really liked it Shelves: westerns. The book is quite good, with a genuine feeling of place and I felt like all the historical details were very well handled. Heather Bleininger rated it it was amazing Dec 11, Christine Jeffords rated it it was ok Oct 17, Shauna Mckelly rated it liked it Jun 05, Rob Remund added it Jul 22, Phyllis Macy added it Apr 10, Lisa Lardizabal marked it as to-read Dec 14, Sunshine marked it as to-read Oct 11, Hazel marked it as to-read Feb 04, Sommer Hamilton is currently reading it Mar 09, Tehila marked it as to-read Jul 28, BookDB marked it as to-read Oct 02, Sam marked it as to-read Jan 22, Bonnie Dale Keck marked it as to-read Mar 01, Traci marked it as to-read Oct 10, Karen S Warner added it Feb 13, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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About Russ Hall. Russ Hall. Russ Hall is author of more than twenty books and coauthor of numerous other books. In , he was awarded the Sage Award, by The Barbara Burnett Smith Mentoring Authors Foundation—a Texas award for the mentoring author who demonstrates an outstanding spirit o Russ Hall is author of more than twenty books and coauthor of numerous other books.

Bent Red Moon Bent Red Moon
Bent Red Moon Bent Red Moon
Bent Red Moon Bent Red Moon
Bent Red Moon Bent Red Moon
Bent Red Moon Bent Red Moon

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