Car Repair Rip-offs

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One of the authors of the study explains:. Shops believe, rightly or wrongly, that women know less about cars and car repair. In the absence of information to the contrary, they will be offered a higher quote.

But when you show that stereotype is wrong — because you reveal yourself to be an informed woman or an uninformed man — you get treated the same way. Some of the callers were men and some were women.

How to Avoid Car Repair Scams

There are flaws in the study to be sure. Have a solid idea of what to expect before you even set foot in the service station.

Ask your coworkers, neighbors, family, and friends about their experiences with the specific service center, consider jumping on Twitter or Facebook to see what others are saying, or read review sites such as Yelp. Before you agree to any service, make sure the technician puts it in writing.

Avoid Auto Repair Rip-offs

Approve every maintenance job with your signature before you allow the facility to do anything to your car. Make sure you check to see when your car will need certain services like spark plug replacements or oil changes so that you can have the mechanic perform those services only when necessary. If the mechanic attempts to perform an action prematurely, ask for a detailed explanation before you decide whether or not to allow it.

This is a big one.

Highway Bandits

By agreeing to preventative work now, you could be saving beaucoup bucks on a more serious problem at a future date. Finally, necessary repair work is — you guessed it — absolutely vital for your care to safely perform.

Car Repair Rip-Offs

Be sure to research each service suggested by the technician and decide which ones, if any, are critical right now. If a technician claims to have replaced an old part with a new one, ask to see the old one to verify that the job was actually performed.

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off at the Auto Repair Shop

Since parts can cost a pretty penny, the total cost will be even higher since the service facility marks them up to turn a profit. Also, labor costs are costly but critical for the shop to do business. Mechanics have gotten a rather bad rap over the years. In answer to that question, below are the top tips on how to spot the dodgy mechanics out there, and at the end… a list of how to avoid them! Dodgy, right?!

Loads of parts in your car will eventually need to be replaced. The trigger is either the number of kilometres your car has driven or time. A mechanic who wants to bump up your bill will often bring forward these major parts replacements unnecessarily. For example, if a part should be replaced at ,km, some mechanics will start recommending replacements at 70,km.

Ask Questions, and Get Everything in Writing

This is also commonplace at roadside assistance operations where staff are incentivised to sell parts, like batteries. There are some mechanics who will create repairs out of thin air in order to upsell you. For example, the mechanic will spray WD40 on your suspension struts.

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You authorise the work, they then go ahead and clean up the WD40 and paint the suspension struts black. When you return they show you your new shiny suspension struts with no oil leak.

Car Repair Rip-offs Car Repair Rip-offs
Car Repair Rip-offs Car Repair Rip-offs
Car Repair Rip-offs Car Repair Rip-offs
Car Repair Rip-offs Car Repair Rip-offs
Car Repair Rip-offs Car Repair Rip-offs
Car Repair Rip-offs Car Repair Rip-offs
Car Repair Rip-offs Car Repair Rip-offs
Car Repair Rip-offs Car Repair Rip-offs
Car Repair Rip-offs Car Repair Rip-offs

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