Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe

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But in that vast number of universes, only our universe and maybe handful of others, but for all practical purposes, only our universe is perfect. This stems from the two theorems of general topology, which is another theoretical framework that explains multiverse:. Theorem 1: In the class of generally ordered topological spaces, weakly perfect spaces are one and the only real generalization of perfectness.

This abstract universe is tied to the topological singularity. Our universe, and possibly an infinite number of universes, could have been spawned from this parent universe, and each of the universes could have its own Big Bang. The process of spawning new universes from a parent universe is called eternal inflation. The idea was developed by quantum cosmologists in the early s. In brief, an unusual energy field but one permitted by physics in the protouniverse acts like antigravity and causes exponentially fast expansion.

This unusual energy field has different strengths in different regions of space. Each such region expands to cosmic proportions, and the energy field becomes ordinary matter, forming a new universe that is closed off and completely out of contact with the protouniverse that sired it. So, the inflation theory occupies a similar academic space as man-made climate change, in that you risk your career if you question that dogma. Separately, the roots of early religious upbringing in the researchers themselves are clearly affecting their models of the universe quoted here.

We need to get outside of our own heads.

The seventh's angel Voice

Unfortunately, we may also need to be outside our own universe to provide ourselves a point of view to understand it. Otherwise, we remain just another 3D projection of 2D reality, like the rest of this place. Self-fulfilling prophecy, anyone? Put 2 nothings together and you get nothing.

Yet, space does have properties. The problem is your relative view of nothing is skewed since nothing as we think it, obviously exists. The Big Bang, hypothetically, is derived from compressed mass. Calculating for Time Dilation observed by discrete particles, we find that Light cannot exist as discrete particles.

Maxwell and Lorentz both were describing the Aether and the matter mediated through it. The Aether, very literally, unifies through infinitum. This is intolerable to the traditionally atheist modern Scientist. The duality of light as both particle and wave is not an either or proposition. Photons have mass and charge that emanate as waves of different electromagnetic frequencies as determined by the source. This duality has been captured as images by researchers with photon scale resolution. And there are governments e. Saudi Arabia, USA? I think your reply to Robert proves his point.

They ignore observed data that disprove the assumptions in the models. Especially if you point out the manipulated data sets. Galileo recanted and ended his days as a prisoner. It sounds to me that dissenting voices to the norm have locked up their own thinking, or abdicated their efforts into novel research as futile.

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The origins of the universe are best described by Jesus, the Christ, in a new series of letters and articles which came thru a channel about 20 yrs. Charlie I hate to break it to you but Joseph and Mary did not name their son Jesus.

How Many Stars Are In The Universe?

They named him Joshua. Jesus is the Greek translation for the Hebrew name Joshua.

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The Christian version of the Bible leaves out eighteen years of supposedly the greatest being to walk the earth. From the age of twelve to thirty nothing is written about him. He just shows up one day with a following, his Apostles.

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  4. The Apostles were Greeks. They called him Jesus. Since Hebrew is the language of the Jews with God it makes no sense for God to send an angel to tell Mary the big news and speak to her in a language she would not understand. Those events have not yet happened, for you and all of those left after the rapture will see that what is occurring now in the world is a piece of cake, compared to what will happen then. Check out gotquestions. If you know the Truth-the real Truth that comes from the authority of God Himself, it will truly set you free. I promise. They get ignored, or called every name in the book, suffer similar dynamics of career suicide or being ostracized.

    Good luck to Penrose.

    Galaxy Gate: The Holy Universe

    As a non physicist, I imagine that evolutionary processes allow an infinitesimal window through which only patterns relevant to survival and reproduction are detected. Anything more would be overwhelming and incomprehensible. The limitations of our sensory and cognitive systems are honed to filter out reality. The drive to find meaningful patterns in the chaos is simply a basic survival mechanism redirected.

    Cosmic theory is speculation because all do not agree. Science is not an answer but a process. It does not matter who agrees with what at a given point in time. Objective reality is not dependent our our assent. It is true not matter what. What changes is our grasp and understanding of it. So, there is no given theory of set of answers that is absolutely immutably correct. What we assert as theories are our best guess based on our current understanding. And the process of science requires us to always be open to reinterpretation based on newly emerged evidence. It is essential to remember Newtonian physics is also incomplete; wong to be precise.

    Nevertheless in limiting circumstances the theory yields correct answers. So the underlying assumptions upon which the theory is built should be stated up front, neither buried in fine print nor outright neglected. Is the reason inflation theory is elegant because it is also based upon an incomplete understanding?

    Like Einsteinian physics, does a Big Bounce theory converge with the inflation theory when assumptions are all equal?

    They found the mechanical efficiency of the universe is less than one one-hundred-millionth of one percent. This depends strictly on their uniform brightness which depends on the theory of how they occur matter being siphoned onto a white dwarf until it reaches the Chandrasekhar limit. But more recent work suggests several other possible mechanisms to produce such a supernova, like two white dwarfs colliding.

    These would not be of the assumed standard brightness. So if the standard candle is not in fact standard, the equation linking distance to brightness to redshift comes into question. Distance at such levels is measured only by redshift. They are moving away faster than expected given how fast they are moving away? Utter nonsense. This does not imply an inconsistency. No one would think of assigning a luminosity in the 1a range to it.

    There are numerous types of supernovae, distinguishable by visible evidence.

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    Then He started believing his own b s. It has been empirically proven many times over by thousands of scientists over the last century. If it did not match reality atomic bombs would not work. Agree with you Catbird.

    Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe
    Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe
    Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe
    Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe
    Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe
    Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe
    Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe
    Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe
    Galaxy Gate I: The Holy Universe

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