Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career

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Job Search Best Practices

The second step you need to take is to find the administrative body with the Italian Chamber of Commerce that regulates your field of work. This entity is going to give you a declaration of parametri di riferimento , a document that certifies you are capable of carrying out your work activity without burden to the Italian economy. Once you have these documents, the immigration office SUI and the Provincial Directorate of Labor verify that you are eligible and fit the quota, and can then grant you the work permit.

Before you get started with any kind of trade, make sure you are registered for taxes by requesting a tax and a VAT number. As a self-employed worker, you will be paying taxes on your income at the same rates as other workers in Italy.

Registering a limited liability company or joint-stock company requires more investment up-front. For this type of business, you may need to pay corporate tax as well, so to be on the safe side, make sure you consider hiring an accountant if you know you will be setting up shop as a business owner. Keep in mind that both forms of self-employment require paying income taxes. Make sure you consider how profitable your business can be if you are required to pay corporate taxes, as well. As for the top self-employed jobs in Italy, these are pretty universal.

Besides the type of freelancing and remote work you can do anywhere, the top self-employed jobs are also the most in-demand in the country, such as web and app developers, engineers, teachers, and so on. Whichever occupation you choose, building a solid network of contacts in your area of expertise is key, if you are planning on being a freelancer, a consultant, or a business owner.

Give Yourself an Edge

This means you are entitled to social security benefits provided you are registered with your corresponding scheme. This includes access to the national healthcare system and other financial protections, such as a pension or employment benefits. There are, however, some differences between self-employed and employees when it comes to social security benefits and contributions. Unlike employees who pay only one-third of the amount owed to social security the employee pays the other two thirds , self-employed workers pay the entirety of that amount.

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That also means you are responsible for signing up for a mandatory scheme and paying your contributions through the special INPS scheme. These contributions are calculated based on the total income you declare for the purposes of income tax IRPEF. Overall, Italians have a well-balanced working culture when it comes to private life and work. They enjoy spending time with family and pursuing private interests in their own time.

Your typical work week in Italy is Monday to Friday. Working hours are usually from or to or , with a one-hour lunch break at around Lunch breaks can also be used as an opportunity to build professional relationships with current or business partners. The public sector may practice different work hours, which include Saturday.

Italian workers are entitled to at least 20 days of paid vacation, but the number could be higher, depending only on the contract. Italians have style, and this can reflect on their work dress code as well. Feel free to express some individuality with your attire, so long as you keep it professional and preferably elegant. It is important to stick to more formal attire for first meetings and interviews. Having an Italian social security number will guarantee your rights as a resident in the country, whether that is for healthcare, financial aid, or other benefits.

This number is the same as your tax number. Both nationals and foreigners can get a social security number in Italy. This number appears on your Tessera Sanitaria, or Carta Nazionale dei Servizi, the Italian social security card, which you should have on you whenever accessing the national healthcare services. The first applies to most residents, workers, family members, etc. The first step for applying for a social security number is to go to the Post Office of your area of residence.

Once there, you will be given the application form, the Bollettino Postale. You must fill it in and pay the fee, after which you will be given a receipt. Then you must present both the form and the receipt at your ASL along with the following documents:. The health card is then sent to your home address. In the meantime, hold on to a copy of the receipt. Your health card is valid as long as you have permission to stay in the country. If you renew your residence permit, make sure you renew your Tessera Sanitaria as well.

This is done at the ASL, with:.

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Your Guide to Landing a Job

You are entitled to a number of benefits provided by the state if you pay social security contributions in the country. These include several aids when it comes to employment, unemployment, healthcare, family benefits, old-age, disability, invalidity, and more. This is valid for both employees and self-employed workers, although freelancers and other independent workers are not obligated to take a leave of absence from work. For employees, taking a leave of absence is mandatory. No minimum contribution is required, unless you are registered with the INPS under a special scheme, such as an agricultural worker, an independent worker, etc.

Unemployed workers may be entitled to maternity benefits only under certain conditions as well. To know these and other requirements for special cases, you can visit the INPS official website. Maternity benefits consist of a maternity allowance and leave. That could be two months prior to having the child and three months after, or one month before having the child and four months after. As part of paternity leave and benefits, you are entitled to an allowance, although to receive it, absence from work is required.

As for parental leave, both mother and father can claim this benefit. The maximum leave parents can take is 11 months, which can be split between the parents. Bluehost offers a range of shared hosting plans that are perfect for small business owners looking to establish an online presence. You can use WordPress to create a blog , host it with Bluehost, and advertise your services to potential clients. On your website, you can talk about the types of tasks you can do and provide a digital resume.

Social media can be a very powerful tool for marketing your virtual assistance services. Make some posts to get the word out. You can also create a page that lists out all of the specific services you offer and how you can be reached.

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There are many social media platforms that you can take advantage of. The most obvious would be LinkedIn. Create a page for yourself and provide a list of skills. Other platforms can be used as well. A good way to learn more about being a VA and how you can improve your business is by networking with others. Join a virtual assistant Facebook group or forum. Making connections with other VAs can help you expand your business and get more clients. Whether you want to become a virtual assistant full time or simply want to make some extra money on the side, the best way to learn all the ins and outs of the job is to get professional training.

Gina Horkey is one of the most successful virtual assistants in the industry. After becoming a virtual assistant success story, she decided to help others who want the freedom and comfort these jobs provide. So, she created a step-by-step course. Called the Horkey Handbook VA course, this program covers every detail of being a virtual assistant to help you establish your business. It includes information about the services you can provide, where you can go to find some of your first jobs, and so much more.

If you want to make money as a virtual assistant quickly, this course is a great way to get started.

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Gina has made the course as simple as possible, making it accessible to anyone. As a new business, you need to hit the ground running. There are a handful of sites that cater to freelancers looking for work. Platforms like UpWork make it very easy to connect with clients looking for virtual assistants. Freelance sites are great for new virtual assistants. You can find jobs pretty easily, even if you have zero experience.

While they do make the process easier, they charge you for their services. Not only that, but these sites are open to anyone. As a result, you can encounter scams and fake job postings. Use your time on the platform to build your reputation and make connections.

Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career
Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career
Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career
Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career
Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career Get A Job: Your Guide To Finding a Perfect Work At Home Career

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