I Dont Know How to be a Widow

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So where do I go from here. I have one daughter and one grandson. I see them maybe 2 a month. If it were not for my sister I would not be here the loneliness is the worse what do you do to fill the void of your husband of 45 yrs? She moved to hospice just like her dad yesterday so now the final waiting is taking place again. So sorry for the loss of your husband, my wife for 52 years passed away on Nov.

RDR2 Stranger Stories: Arthur teaches Widow to SURVIVE in the Wild (All Cutscenes)

My wife Georgette was a woman of faith, who trusted in God, and that is what I am clinging to at the moment……faith in God, whatever and whoever that entity may be…. Naive thinking perhaps….

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I never understood pain until now I just lost my husband a few weeks ago. My heart aches for you, many blessings for healing. On November 22nd of this year, Jimmy, my husband and best friend, went home to Jesus.

While I celebrate in knowing where he is, I feel like a half shell of a person. The woman I was is no longer. My husband died on Jan We were married 48 years. I am so lost. We always knew within five minutes where the other was. I was in the shopping mall one day recently, and I realized nobody knew where I was. That completely describes how I feel. No one can fill that horrible void. Together 45 years also. All I had.

Widows don’t need more surprises

How do you do it?? I lost my husband on April 29, He said he was going to take a shower to sooth a bulging disk he was being treated for.

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He died in the shower 45 seconds later. We would have been married 50 years in November, We had known each other since we were 12! Practically all our lives! How do I go on from here! I see him everywhere and then nowhere! How do I live this life alone!!! It is so hard!! I miss every aspect of our lives together!!! Everyone says time, but time seems a long way off!!!! My husband of 43 years died in February I said this same thing to so many people. I feel nobody cares too, but I do care about how you feel.

The world of the widow: grappling with loneliness and misunderstanding

I just want you to know. Thank you for writing this. My husband passed away suddenly without warning in Every word you say is true. I live alone with my dogs and cats, and most people around me do not have any understanding of how this loss affected me.

Thank you. AND keeping my vows-beyond-death with my mate….. It can be done even if this approach is a bit different. I was driving home today after a a busy day of meeting, movie, then shopping. My husband, who died Dec , would have certainly cared. Before he passed away I always new while I was out and about that he always looked forward to when I came home.

This realization has me quite emotional tonight. More than half our lives. It feels like forever since I last talked with him, told him I loved him and laughed together.

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  • The pain comes in waves once it hits anytime and any place will I cry for him. He was my true love and always will be. I wrote this for my dear wife Georgette after she passed away on Nov. She died and was taken from me. Thinking of the last time ever, that I saw your face, and kissed your brow. My world came to an end at that moment, I knew that nothing would ever be the same again.

    The stars will no longer shine as brightly, The nights will be longer and darker, The sun will no longer be a comfort after a storm. I will be loving you forever honey no matter where you are……your broken husband John…. How are you doing now? Iost my husband suddenly 6 weeks ago. I am heartbroken. I was with him for 37 years. Does that get any easier?

    My husband passed away October 17, After 25 years of marriage I still feel as though I am living with half a heart as painful as being ripped in half. My feet are on Earth but my soul longs for heaven. Life is lived one day at a time because that is all I can handle right now. Thank you all for letting me share my feelings and for being open about your loss. God bless you all. I have tried to do things and see people since my husband died in July of Lately, I realize there is no point in trying. It has been almost 3 years since Jim died. I know death is part of life. But it is the crappy part.

    Every male my age 54 seems to be looking for a 30 year old. Good luck to all…. My husband died April 12, , i am sitting hear reading this and crying, my heart is broken. We were married 45 years. Nights are the hardest. I just want to reach out and touch him and to be held in his arms.

    I Dont Know How to be a Widow I Dont Know How to be a Widow
    I Dont Know How to be a Widow I Dont Know How to be a Widow
    I Dont Know How to be a Widow I Dont Know How to be a Widow
    I Dont Know How to be a Widow I Dont Know How to be a Widow
    I Dont Know How to be a Widow I Dont Know How to be a Widow
    I Dont Know How to be a Widow I Dont Know How to be a Widow
    I Dont Know How to be a Widow I Dont Know How to be a Widow
    I Dont Know How to be a Widow I Dont Know How to be a Widow

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