Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition)

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From Florence to Jerusalem and New York

Father Navone as quoted in Life Magazine: [15]. Father Navone wrote in his Life article: [16]. Devils are a category of angels that slipped. There is a radical distinction there. They don't think right. They don't love right. Something that was created good went wrong. I think the basic Catholic does believe that there is a real devil and there are real devils.

Transnational Movements between Fascist Italy and Italian Communities Abroad

Father Navone was featured in a Times article: [17]. Under the guise of obedience to the US church — which is so tolerant of those who criticize basic items of faith —they dissidents can attack teaching from Rome, and still appear to be good Catholics. As Father John Navone, of the Gregorian University of Rome says, this will have the effect of eliminating from theology all Vatican teaching that is not declared infallible. Theologians are in effect putting themselves above the church.

The Pope is now calling his theologians to order.

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Dissent is feasible, even under this Pope, but it has to be loyal. In the long term the church will simply not recognize it as its own. Father Navone said the university may appear quieter today, in comparison to the ferment of , because "many of the things that were once considered startling new changes have just become part of life here. If the mood is quieter now than it was a decade ago, this has had no impact on academic freedom at the Gregorian, Father Navone said. The Gregorian is dynamically in the center.

It is certainly not conservative when you think of some of the other institutions in Rome and elsewhere. On the other hand, it is certainly not as daring as some other places. James again quotes Navone: [19]. Navone, who is an American, said the findings of the Pew survey were meaningless without a clearer definition of religion, and he strongly contested the suggestion that Italian people were not spiritual.

Going to Mass every Sunday might be an indication of religious faith, but was not a proof of it, he said. Navone said some of the most "obnoxious" people he knew profess to be religious, and some of the most religious were those who did not pretend to have the answers. And that goes for Einstein as well. Navone said many American who profess to be religious had a warped sense of religion. They think religion is real estate and "they define the Kingdom of God with a geopolitical reality," he said.

He assailed what he called the "crackpots" in U. Shortly after the election of Cardinal Ratzinger to the Papacy, Barry James interviewed Father Navone and submitted the article containing the following quotation to The Australian : [21]. A longtime Jesuit theologian in Rome said today Pope Benedict XVI will be a clear doctrinal teacher who will attempt to reaffirm the Roman Catholic Church's roots in Europe and end what he called the " dumbing down " of Christian faith. Reverend Navone said the choice of the Pope's name taps deep into the roots of European culture and probably was intended to refer to Saint Benedict of Nursia, the 6th-century founder of the Benedictine Order, which preserved Christian civilization and writing through the Dark Ages.

Reverend Navone said the new pope, who has written a book about Europe, was determined to restore Christian doctrine in a continent where congregations are abandoning the church en masse, even if it means a smaller and purer church. The new pope, who warned about the "dictatorship of relativism" in a homily before entering the conclave, "is going to clarify the meaning of Christianity and Catholicism," for teachers in Catholic universities.

The new pope will also be "the best antidote against the dumbing down of Catholicism," Reverend Navone said. Reverend Navone said that the new pope was "an extremely intelligent traditionalist" and at the same time a modest man whose talents had been eclipsed by "the showman pope. But after that, he said the pope would probably choose to remain in the Vatican and provide doctrinal thinking for the Church rather than repeating John Paul's frenetic globetrotting.

Italian Psychology and Jewish Emigration under Fascism

Reverend Navone said the conclave's decision was the most dramatic affirmation of the role of the German Church since the collapse of the Holy Roman Empire. For a country that has experienced "so much humiliation" in its recent history, the election would reaffirm "the German role in the Christian history of Europe," he said.

Reverend Navone said German thought brought a profound theological tradition to the Church, but that the pope "has probably the best sense of history and culture" of all the cardinals. There is a method in this. There's only one superpower, the United States. The church is trying very much to be the peacemaker. Navone and others suggest that the planned visit to Cuba may accelerate the pace of change in that country, just as the ties with Libya may allow the diplomatically isolated Gadhafi means to re-establish dialogue with Europe and the U.

Michele" XV Edition. Miscellanea in onore del R. Charles A. Bernard, S.

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Roma: Ed. Pomel, Gleason, S. In addition to the articles listed below, Father Navone has written a number of articles published in L'Osservatore Romano , the Vatican City newspaper. Sodi, Manilio. La teologia narrative in Il Dizionario di Omiletia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Navone, SJ. Seattle, Washington. Christogram of the Jesuits. The Land and the Spirit of Italy. Seeking God in Story.

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John Navone

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  • Transnational Movements between Fascist Italy and Italian Communities Abroad;
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Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition) Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition)
Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition) Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition)
Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition) Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition)
Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition) Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition)
Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition) Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition)
Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition) Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition)
Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition) Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition)
Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition) Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition)
Le Parabole (Miscellanea) (Italian Edition)

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