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He must convert to Christianity and will his possessions to Jessica and Lorenzo upon his death. What does Bassanio offer the young law clerk who saves Antonio? The three thousand ducats originally due to Shylock. What does Lorenzo order when he learns that Portia is on her way to Belmont?

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Some of the ships he supposed were lost have arrived in port. Which two men are trying to find out the reason for Antonio's sadness in the first scene of the play? Which "part" in the world does Gratiano say he wants to play?

Which childhood activity does Bassanio talk about when justifying how he wants to spend more money in pursuit of Portia's wealth? Shooting one arrow after another and following the second more carefully.. To what does Bassanio compare the Golden Fleece found by Jason? Complete Antonio's saying : "A goodly Old Gobbo has come with a present for Shylock.

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To whom does Lancelot ask him to give it? Which person does Lorenzo use to carry a message to Jessica?

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What does Shylock dream of that makes him suspicious of going out to dinner? Where exactly is the scroll that Morocco finds when he opens the casket? Which inscription convinces Arragon that he should choose the silver casket?

  • Bassanio chooses the lead casket, which contains.
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Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.. What does Shylock say he will use Antonio's flesh for when he is talking to Solanio and Salerio? Where did Shylock get the ring that his daughter exchanged for a monkey? What does Bassanio find in the leaden casket that tells him he has been successful in the lottery for Portia? Complete the following said by Antonio to Salerio: "The Duke cannot Where does Portia pretend she is going to stay when in reality she and Nerissa are going to Venice?

Why is Shylock's "Hath not a Jew..." speech important?

What is the name of the lawyer that the Duke of Venice has sent for to help him consider the case? What name from the Bible does Shylock use about the disguised Portia when he thinks she is advising judgement in his favour? Both Shylock and Gratiano use the same expression about having someone "on the hip" in this play. From which sport did Shakespeare borrow the term?

Most of the play presented how badly treated the Jews were. Shylock obviously resents his mistreatment. He is so bitter that he makes a ridiculous contract what good is a pound of flesh? He irrationally refuses to take triple pay instead of the pound of flesh. As Shylock should have expected, the court screws him. This should have been easy for him to predict, since Jews were routinely treated as scapegoats and second-class citizens by the Christians of Venice.

But Shylcok did not anticipate this, and irrationally held on to his demand, and was predictably screwed. One can pity Shylock for how he is mistreated, but one cannot admire him for his foresight or cleverness in overcoming his persecution, and one certainly does not admire his ruthlessness. Bryan looks at the court case and rightly criticizes the sophistry. I look at the battle of the religions and cannot understand how people who profess to live by their religous creeds can treat others the way that they do in this play. I see a play about hypocrisy, hate, irrationality, and how this sad state of affairs results from a couple of opposing religions.

Shylock made a contract that was preempted by statute. Spilling blood was illegal, and his contract would have spilled blood.

Shylock Was Robbed

You could not enforce a contract you make with your girlfriend that she get an abortion should she become pregnant, or that your husband get gastric bypass if he gains pounds. The criticism that they were being too exact in the measurement aspect is well made. The measurement would only have to be as exact as was common practice of the time.

The crazy verdicts of today are often publicized, but over stated. The McDonalds coffee verdict only really awarded the injured lady a couple hundred thousand dollars for her injuries, which was offset by the percentage of negligence I think like 20 or thirty percent attributed to the lady.

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McDonalds advertised free refills on coffee, but served it so hot that nobody would be able to get a free refill unless they were in the store for a long time, because the coffee was so hot. People expect coffee to be hot, but not boiling, there was a company policy that the coffee be kept at a very high temperature, I think it was about degrees. Many states limit damages for wrongful death that you can recover for the death of a loved one to , or less, or significantly less than that if the local government is respsonsible for the death.


Many places do not allow you to recover anything if you see your cousin or best friend killed before your eyes. Shylock tried to use the legal system to kill a person. It was not a business transaction, as he refused a profitable arrangement. It was illegal from the beginning and it cannot be enforced. Shylock Was Robbed 6.

Shylocks Bond Shylocks Bond
Shylocks Bond Shylocks Bond
Shylocks Bond Shylocks Bond
Shylocks Bond Shylocks Bond
Shylocks Bond Shylocks Bond

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