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If your child is absent due to illness, please advise us what the symptoms are as this helps us monitor the health of everyone. This also allows us to quickly post health alerts when several children display the same symptoms.

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We will only consider admission after a. We require this so that your child may fully benefit from participating in the programming. Please note that we reserve the right to deny admission if parents are unable to follow our arrival policy. Our centre closes promptly at pm.

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Parents are encouraged to be at the preschool by p. Parents who arrive after p.

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If you are going to be late please call the preschool. If you are late and we have not heard from you, our staff will phone your cell phone, home and place of employment.

If we are still unable to reach you, we will call the person listed as your emergency contact. If every effort is made to contact the parent and the emergency contact and we are unable to reach you, we must call the Ministry of Children and Families Emergency Services. Last Day of Preschool: Thursday June 26, The Centre Supervisor will confirm if there is a spot for your child, then you will be asked to fill out and submit your forms.

All rights reserved. Philosophy Spare Time Treehouse Preschool provides a fun, interactive learning experience through play based programming. One of our main goals will be school readiness which will be developed through activities and themes such as: Pre-reading and pre-writing Learning the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours Building attention spans Building critical thinking and decision making skills Building confidence and self-esteem Guidance Philosophy We believe that each child is unique and that their behaviour is a reflection of their level of development.

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Due to the child-teacher ratio, we require that all children be fully daytime toilet trained before entering the program. Subsidy A subsidy is available for those who qualify from the Ministry of Children and Families. Please make cheques payable to Spare Time Clubhouse. How the Monthly Fee is Determined: Please note that monthly fees are consistent for every month regardless of the number of instructional days. Late Pick-up Policy Our centre closes promptly at pm. And many Audiobooks will allow you to pick up reading the electronic version in the same spot so you can still lounge in bed with a good book at the end of the day.

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Spare Time Spare Time
Spare Time Spare Time
Spare Time Spare Time
Spare Time Spare Time
Spare Time Spare Time
Spare Time Spare Time
Spare Time Spare Time

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